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"The saddest aspect of life right now is that science gathers knowledge faster than society gathers wisdom."
-Isaac Asimov
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Hey, sorry for not posting in awhile. School and life, you know. Anyways, I might be posting less. I love this community, but the constant reposts, insults aimed at religious people, and fishing for followers and likes is just getting to me. Also, I don’t feel that an Instagram account should be more important than my non internet life. I really appreciate all your likes and the people that follow me, but I just need to focus. Six weeks left of school, and I need to finish strong. Even though I won’t be posting as much, my Kik will still be open. Have a good night. I don’t know when I’ll post again.

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The way science arrives at a conclusion is what makes it so valuable. The Scientific Method is what separates science from pseudoscientific claims. While the conclusions are important, that’s not why science is valuable.  Science is always policing itself. Retesting and going over what it’s already proven. The Scientific Method is the reason why evolution has stood the test of time. We can efficiently prove disprove with the Scientific Method.

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One of my favorite Christopher Hitchens quote. There is nothing more, but I want nothing more. I don’t understand why you’d need a deity to give meaning to life. Life’s meaning is what you make it. I love life. And I don’t have a need for higher power to give my life meaning. 

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How can a god be just and merciful? It’s an interesting thing to ponder. Because it’s contradictory. It does not make sense.

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Think about it, why would an omnipotent god allow 9/11 to happen? It’s pure arrogance to believe that the cross beam found in the rubble is a positive sign from any god. You know what’s more important than metal beams? Innocent, living people. How you could even rationalize the cross beam as a “good thing” does not make sense to me. And of course it’s in the shape of a cross, that’s how they’re built. The cross pieces of steel to create a structure. It’s pure arrogance.

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I agree, obviously. Ideas and ideas are meant to be criticized. If you are offended because someone criticizes the idea that a god doesn’t exist, get over it. You put your belief out there. Just because you consider it “sacred” doesn’t mean it can’t be criticized. Also, keep religion out of public matters. You want religion to dictate how you live? Fine with me. But I don’t want religion being apart of a public school curriculum or politics. So, next time you say “God is real” and someone tells why god isn’t, don’t get mad. You put your belief out in the open.

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As a skeptical and rational person, I’ve researched many pseudosciences. We need to know what is a pseudoscience and what isn’t. Some pseudosciences include woo, Astrology, homeopathy, any creationist science, Ufology, alternative medicine, healing crystals, anything Deepak Chopra says, anything Joseph Mercola says, anything Silvia Browne or any psychic says, perpetual motion, chelation therapy, chiropractic medicine, and many others. As this chart illustrates, a main difference between science and pseudoscience is that science is open to criticism, pseudoscience isn’t. Sound familiar? I would advise all of you to research one or some of what I’ve listed. For the most part these pseudosciences lack evidence and credibility. They aren’t accepted in the scientific field due to those two factors. And people who practice pseudoscience, Deepak Chopra for example, will spout nonsensical jargon like “quantum energy” and “feedback loops.” They do this in an attempt to convince people of their “credibility.” They also have “diplomas” from what are referred to as “diploma mills.” The main point of this rant is to merely say be skeptical about what people tell you. Research something before you believe it. Pictures don’t prove anything. Be skeptical.

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True. Theists do this a lot because religion is “sacred.” They play victim when their religion is criticized. And ideas and opinions can be criticized. That’s how we learn. I don’t care how close you hold your religious beliefs, I will question them. It’s the reason I questions other Atheists. Ideas are meant to be criticized. How else would we change if our ideas and opinions weren’t challenged? That’s how we change. Never be afraid to speak your mind, if you can contribute something of importance. If you see injustice, speak up. Criticize other’s ideas. You have a voice, don’t be afraid to use it.

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I know we’ve all heard this before, but it’s true. If you just read the Bible, or any holy book for that matter, objectively you will see it’s flaws, contradictions, and poor writing style. Just look at everything skeptically. If you read something on the internet, don’t believe it. Research it before you accept it as fact. In fact, make sure Isaac Asimov actually said this quote. Don’t take my word for it. Be skeptical. Don’t believe everything you see in your instagram feed. One picture doesn’t prove anything, unless there are legitimate sources to probe that the picture is correct. Be skeptical.

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Couldn’t agree more. For me, when I was going through middle, I never really cared much about science. I was just ignorant. And then, it all hit me, everything is science. Computers, food, buildings, clothing is all related to science. Science is such an amazingly wonderful and beautiful thing. In an instant, you can find out why the Egyptian Revolution of 2013 happened. Why? Because of science. The only problem with science is that it’s very dense, in terms of information. And that’s why need great science communicators like Lawrence Krauss and Jerry Coyne. Thank you science.

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